Sexistential Crisis
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From awkward threesomes to rushing dates to the ER, Laura's life is never dull. Join her as she explores the world of sex, dating and relationships with tips to empower your own fabulous life, embrace your body and find the self-confidence to thrive in dating app culture.

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    Ep 22: Tantric Sex for Dummies

    We are demystifying tantric sex with teachers, Al and Pala! Learn what tantra is, how to do it and how you can experience a multi-hour orgasm.

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    Ep: 20 Can Polyamory Work with More Than Two co-author, Franklin Veaux

    We talk to More Than Two author, Franklin Veaux about guidelines for successfully navigating polyamory, how to deal with jealousy, the problem with hierarchical polyamory, how to create healthy boundaries and why you should be careful creating rules in polyamorous relationships.

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    Ep 19: Dating with Herpes

    We're breaking down the stigma and shame around herpes! What is herpes? Do you have it? How do you talk to new partners if you have herpes? That and so much more in this episode with herpes advocate, Emily Depasse.

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    Ep 18: Is He A Porn Addict?

    We talk to porn recovery coach, Noah Church, about the signs your man has a porn addiction, the surprising ways it may be affecting your sex life and what can be done.

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    Ep 15: Dave Gets Roofied

    Dave gets roofied and lives to tell us how to stay safe, Laura accidentally joins a key party and Randy, our resident gay, tells us how to give killer blow jobs and other dating advice.

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    Ep 14: Why Men Don't Date Ambitious Women

    Are you a bright, successful, career driven women who finds it impossible to meet a relationship-ready guy? We talk to "The Love Gap" author, Jenna Birch, about this phenomenon what women can do to succeed in life and love.

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    Ep: 13 Ethical Non-Monogamy for Skeptics

    Curious about ethical non-monogamy but skeptical it works? We're going over what it feels like to be ethically non-monogamous and to know before exploring.

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    Ep: 12 The 36 Questions That Lead To Love

    Laura does the famous, "36 Questions that Lead to Love" twice: once with a guy she'd been steadily dating and once with a perfect stranger. Hear the surprising results.

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    Ep: 11 Kink 101 with a Dominatrix

    We learn all about the basics of getting kinky and BDSM with the dominatrix and kink coach, Mona Darling.

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    Ep: 10 Big Girls Guide to Dating

    Do you fear you're too fat to date? Too old? Just need to lose another five pounds? We're diving into the myths around why you think you're not good enough to date and what you can do about it.

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    Ep: 9 Dating Red Flags

    Do you know how to spot dating red flags? Dive in to discuss some of the more surprising warning signs!

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    Episode 5: First Date Checklist

    Laura shares her first date dealbreakers, how to end it with a guy on the date and how she navigates meeting people from Tinder.

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    Episode 3: Dave Breaks His Dick

    Tips for dating comedians, the best sex stories from Reddit, how to break your dick, Laura's accidental road trip to an Ohio sex store and more.

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    Episode 1: Start Here

    This show is for women who want to gain more confidence, clarity and pleasure out of sex and dating! Through stories, advice and expert interviews we want to empower your relationship!

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